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Coleman products have journeyed deep in the Sahara desert, and been along on treks all the way to the South Pole. Coleman lanterns guided aircraft to safe landings in the Andes Mountains in South America in the 1920s, and helped climbers reach the top of Mt. Everest. The iconic Coleman compact stove was even requested by the Army Quartermaster Corps during WWII for it’s unique and diverse capabilities. But in the last decade there’s been an explosion of outdoor lifestyle brands that have built a strong following with younger, more tech savvy outdoor adventurists. The simple truth is that the brand is not as considered by millennials due to recent competitor growth from brands like The North Face, Poler, Marmot and YETI. These competitor brands are purchased by hipsters with wanderlust in today’s marketplace and are a threat to the Coleman legacy in the category. This was the challenge as we took on the ask of creating a social sweepstakes for Coleman that would reach this younger audience of enthusiastic outdoor sharers.


• To inspire existing and younger outdoor enthusiasts to #OwnTheWeekend through the #CallToTheWildSweepstakes


• Increase awareness of the partnership between Coleman and the National Park Foundation

• Drive social engagement and website traffic through branded summer sweepstakes

• Obtain UGC content from user submissions to the sweeps